TELUS Health eClaims

TELUS Health eClaims + Juvonno

Direct bill to insurers on behalf of 85% of your privately insured clients.

What is TELUS Health eClaims?

With eClaims, you can submit claims on behalf of your clients and reduce their out-of-pocket expenses while you reduce your credit card fees. It’s free and only takes a few minutes to register.

Learn why 91% of eClaims enabled healthcare professionals would recommend it.

How eClaims & Juvonno work together

Optimize your claim submission process by using eClaims directly from Juvonno:

•  Reduce double entry
•  Streamline payment reconciliation
•  Delight your clients

How to integrate eClaims for Juvonno

Before your Juvonno system can be integrated for eClaims, the TELUS module must be turned on by your customer service representative and you must have received the provider sheet from TELUS in order to fill in the details for your clinic and practitioners.

•  Go to your System Settings
•  Under the Clinics tab, select your clinic
•  Enter your TELUS information found on your provider sheet

To get help with TELUS Health eClaims visit the eClaims Resources page.

For support, email or call 1-866-240-7492.

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