Top 7 Physiotherapy YouTube Channels

Top 7 Physiotherapy YouTube Channels

November 30, 2018 | 2 Min Read

Top 7 Physiotherapy YouTube Channels

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Self-growth and education is key to having a successful career. YouTube content is a classroom in a practitioner’s pocket, as visual learners can view videos posted by physiotherapy experts across the globe.

Practitioners and clinic owners must continually look for ways to improve, looking to strive in areas outside of their comfort zones. Investing in the education and experience of practitioners can pay off tenfold as consistent education leads practitioners to become:

•  More knowledgeable
•  Happier by reaching education-backed accomplishments
•  Irreplaceable to the clinic’s team
•  A great coach to new practitioners

Invest in your career with these top seven channels:

Physical Therapy Video YouTube Channel Image

Physical Therapy Video

About: Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck are Physical Therapists with over 50 years of combined experience. Their videos offer information to physical therapists about “getting fit, staying healthy, and staying pain-free.” The videos range from treatments of infants to the elderly.

Subscribers: 883K +

Posts: Daily/Weekly

Channel Link: Physical Therapy Video
AskDoctorJo YouTube Channel Image


About: Dr. Jo is a licensed Physical Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy. Her YouTube page keeps it light-hearted, with a large number of physical therapy videos focusing on stretching and exercises for common injuries.

Subscribers: 239K +

Posts: Daily/Weekly

Channel Link: AskDoctorJo

Physio Fitness YouTube Channel Image

Physio Fitness

About: Tim Keeley of Physio Fitness provides viewers with in-depth rehab programs, mobility exercises, treatment, and educational videos for all things physio and rehabilitation. Tim keeps up to date with consistent posts, new equipment, and new age physical philosophy.

Subscribers: 33K +

Posts: Weekly/Monthly

Channel Link: Physio Fitness

Physiotutors YouTube Channel Image


About: This channel comes highly recommended if you’re a physiotherapist student or practicing therapist. Kai Sigel, PT BSc (Hons.) and Andreas Heck, PT BSc (Hons.) provide viewers with physiotherapy videos on assessment, clinical reasoning, and treatment for various conditions. Kai and Andreas provide statistical data and an evidence statement in most of their videos to bring science-based backing to the forefront.

Subscribers: 122K +

Posts: Daily/Weekly

Channel Link: Physiotutors

The Movement Fix YouTube Channel Image

The Movement Fix

About: The Movement Fix includes videos that further divulge into movement and how it relates to CrossFit and functional fitness. This channel focuses on going past mobility restrictions as the primary cause of dysfunctional movement patterns with some great insights.

Subscribers: 36.5K +

Posts: Weekly

Channel Link: The Movement Fix

College Of Physiotherapists Of Ontario YouTube Channel Image

College of Physiotherapists of Ontario

About: The College of Physiotherapists of Ontario regulates all physio/physical therapists to ensure the ongoing improvement of the practice, and to serve the public interest. This channel highlights policies and standards, best practices, research, practice advice, and webinars.

Subscribers: 523 +

Posts: Monthly/Quarterly

Move Forward PT YouTube Channel Image


About: MoveForwardPT takes a patient-centered approach. Looking to educate patients on mobility and quality of life while avoiding prescription medication and surgery. The library of videos includes patient stories, workout tips, workplace wellness, and toys for children with disabilities.

Subscribers: 6.5K +

Posts: Monthly

Channel Link: MoveForwardPT

YouTube is just one way for practitioners to keep up-to-date on the latest and greatest in the expanding world of physiotherapy. Set aside a set amount of time every week to learn from your favourite channels, and who knows, maybe you’ll start a YouTube channel for your clinic that focuses on exercises for your patients.

If you prefer to learn during your daily commute, be sure to check out these 13 Physiotherapy Podcasts To Start Your Day.
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