Clinic software that keeps everything organized

Juvonno is the easiest way to streamline the entire front office – and keep it that way.

Stay on top of everything

Stay on top of everything

View your entire clinic on one screen, including what’s happening, who’s working, and what needs to be done.

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Find open time slots

Quickly see the next 10 open time slots when booking an appointment.

See what you need to see

Quickly access and edit patient information from the schedule in one, easy-to-view, screen.

Quick rescheduling

Drag and drop an appointment between time slots and/or between practitioners.

Simple everyday workflows

Simple everyday workflows

Quick scheduling, invoicing, and patient setup are here to save you time on the things you do every day.

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Recurring Appointments

Set recurring appointments dates at any interval for any patient.

Resources Booking

Book rooms, special equipment, and any other resources available.

Practitioner Calendar

Each practitioner has a personal schedule to get a clear view of their day, week, or month.

Clinic Calendar

Admins get a full-organization schedule so they can schedule anything and everything.


Poweful search helps you find anything you’re looking for quickly.

Wait List

Flexible wait lists make it easy to fill last minute openings.

Aways & Holidays

Block off timeslots on the schedule for sick days, meetings, holidays, and anything else.

Arrived List

Label a patient as “arrived” for their appointment and notify their practitioner.

Follow-up and To-Dos

Create a follow-up or a “to-do” for yourself or another staff member.



Store payment information and allow patients to pay with all major debit and credit cards.

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Juvonno is powerful enough to run your business, but simple enough for anyone to use.