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Haley Rehab Clinic

“I have been meaning to write for some time to tell you how thrilled I am to have discovered Juvonno. Your program was highly recommended, over six years ago, by my friend Matthew, who owns and manages three busy sports clinics in Ottawa. Prior to moving to your program, I reviewed several EMR systems and yours really stood out; in part because it was the only one that was purely cloud-based. I was so impressed with your creation that I moved systems. I love Juvonno because it saves time by combining a comprehensive EMR and scheduling system into one unit which easily links to my accounting system. This empowers busy clinic owners to focus their time and energy more on providing client care and growing their practice. I also appreciate that the Juvonno team continually strives to improve their system by asking it’s customers for feedback. I will continue to recommend your program and wish your entire team continued success!”

Louise Haley


Haley Rehab

Nova Physiotherapy Clinic

“Working with the Customer Success team has been a pleasure. They are highly committed to ensuring that their customers are happy and when issues do arise, they are dealt with as quickly as possible as they understand how frustrating ‘down time’ can be in a clinic. The customer service experience has been great and their efforts are much appreciated!”

Kelly Berzuk


Nova Physiotherapy

Healthview Therapy Clinic

“Realizing the inevitable departure of the paper office, Healthview moved to an online system over three years ago. The Juvonno team assisted with a smooth transition from paperless to everything being online. Juvonno met the criteria we were looking for, due to all the useful features they have such as online booking for clients, email and text reminders, and instant messaging between practitioners. In addition, Juvonno continues to improve and add new features. We have received quality service from all the staff at Juvonno and have found them to be competent and responsive. Using Juvonno has definitely saved us time and money and has improved front office efficiency and the patient experience.”

Dr. Robert Muir


Healthview Therapy Centre

Body Waves Clinic

“Juvonno has made life easier! I can check my forever changing schedule online, from my phone or computer anytime, anywhere! 
Conveniently, I can take my work with me, wherever I go. It has a simple accounting feature, that has significantly cut down office hours and reduced errors in book-keeping. This allows more time for me to work on other areas of the business. Another great feature is that the software fills out all insurance forms for you, again, less paperwork which means less hours! We love the email reminders that Juvonno automatically sends. You can even pick when you would like the software to send the email to each client. This has significantly reduced our amount of No-Show appointments.”

Kristen Hudon


Body Waves Massage Therapy

South Gaetz Chiropractic Clinic

“I have been utilizing Juvonno since I opened my clinic nearly five years ago. I love the ability to tailor it to my needs. It looks modern and is so easy to access and utilize. As my business has grown and expanded, Juvonno has helped me grow.”

Dr. Todd Liebig


South Gaetz Chiropractic Clinic

Dearborn Health Clinic

“Providing an exceptional patient experience is the core of our business and we expect that same level of expertise when choosing the supportive partners we choose to work with to help our business succeed. Juvonno has created streamlined and intuitive patient management software that meets the needs of our practitioners, staff, and patients. The exceptional customer service experience when working with Juvonno has established trust and fostered a positive long-term relationship with our company.”

Dr. Adam Williamson


Dearborn Health

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