Customer Success

Customer Success Program

We help clinics achieve their healthcare and business goals

Get Set For Success

Superuser Training

After all of your clinic staff are trained on the basics, we train a group of pre-selected “superusers” at each clinic for significantly more in-depth Juvonno training.

Enterprise Onboarding

Our customer success team will help your clinics transition from your existing software and make sure you lose nothing in the process.

Premium "Same Day" Support

Our team is here round the clock for our Enterprise customers. Whether that’s in-app, over the phone, or emails, we guarantee we’ll get to any problems you’re having in the same day it occurs.

Are you thinking of using Juvonno for your enterprise?
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“Our Customer Success Manager made the transition to, and the deployment of, Juvonno even more seamless than we could’ve imagined.”

–Dianna Lyle, COO at Optimum Wellness

Meet our Customer Success Team

We can’t wait to help your business reach new heights!

Terry Davison

Terry Davison

President & CEO

Terry is the President & CEO of Juvonno and works with each one of our Enterprise customers. He facilitates conversations and cross-collaborates with each Juvonno team to ensure a smooth transition for our new customers.

Mary Jane Oliver

Mary Jane Oliver

Head of Customer Success

Many Jane is a Juvonno powerhouse – nobody knows the system like she does! MJ loves working with clients to ensure they’re always taken care of. Her strengths are her ability to listen to client’s needs and explain anything Juvonno.

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