COVID-19 Clinic Resources

COVID-19 Clinic Resources

Stay informed. Check here for updates as we provide you with useful information and up-to-date news & resources.

Tools in Juvonno

Check out the tools in Juvonno that help you communicate with your patients. Learn more 

Juvonno FAQ's

Save yourself time with this list of common support questions we've received during this unprecedented time. Learn more 

Crisis Management Webinars

Join industry leaders every Friday as they discuss how to navigate this pandemic as a clinic owner. Learn more 

Government Income Relief

Educate yourself about the new (and already existing) income relief plans set in place by our government to help your business and employees. Learn more 

Stay connected with your patients

Use the tools in Juvonno to keep the lines of communication open to your patient community.


The simplest tool? JuvonnoComm. Skip third-party solutions like MailChimp or Constant Contact. JuvonnoComm taps into your EMR database right within Juvonno to send mass emails and texts. Key statistics like messages sent, unsubscribes, and clicks will appear on your dashboard instantly and update in real-time.

Note: We are also waiving subscription fees for the next two months to help alleviate some of the financial burden. You will only be charged for messages you send at the rate of $0.01/message.


Keep your clinic open and stay in front of your patients through the use of live video sessions. Phzio is a 100% HIPAA Compliant Telehealth solution that is integrated within Juvonno to offer a streamlined solution for delivering virtual care. Reach patients anywhere and increase patient compliance and satisfaction.

Enjoy simple pay-as-you-go pricing of $1.99/session.

Patient Insights

This report builder is your solution for creating a patient contact list. Report filters allow you to segment your patient lists by demographic, last invoice date, last appointment date, and more. Segmentation is a powerful tool that is highly relevant to the patient group.

When it comes time to send a message, the Patient Insights reports connect directly to JuvonnoComm so you can easily send a message to these patients.

Open Appointments Report

Under the current circumstances, you will likely need to contact patients who have an upcoming appointment scheduled. The Open Appointments Report is a snapshot of the upcoming appointments that have not been adjusted.

Juvonno FAQ's

We’ve been receiving common support questions regarding clinic operations within Juvonno.
Here are several Support Docs to help you and your practice respond to COVID-19:
• How to turn off all appointment reminders: Contact Juvonno Support
Still have questions? Reach out and let us know at

Free Crisis Management Webinars

How to protect your clinic (and stay calm) during this crisis while you wait out the “storm”.

Over the next months, join Rick Lau and his list of panelists in collaboration with the CPA Private Practice Division, as they share on what is working now in their communities and answer your burning questions every Friday.

• Find growth opportunities in this time of chaos and panic

• Focus on the basics (so you can breakeven faster!)

• Getting you ready for the rebound

Income relief for small businesses and employees

Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)

The CERB provides a taxable benefit that gives $2,000 a month for up to four (4) months to all workers who will lose their income because of COVID-19. The portal for accessing the CERB is now available and Canadians can begin to receive their CERB payments within ten (10) days of application.

Small Business Loans

Financial support in the form of loans are available through the BDC to support companies impacted by COVID-19.

Employment Insurance (EI)

Immediately, your staff are able to apply for EI under Canada’s current requirements.

EI sickness benefits provide up to 15 weeks of income replacement and is available to eligible claimants who are unable to work because of illness, injury, or quarantine.

Staff that have been laid off or have reduced hours can apply for EI regular benefits.

Additionally, the Canadian Government has announced it will be providing small businesses with wage subsidies.

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