Why Your Clinic Should Be Using a Cloud-Based Management System

Why Your Clinic Should Be Using a Cloud-Based Management System

November 12, 2018 | 1 Min Read

Why Your Clinic Should Be Using a Cloud-Based Management System

Clinics and businesses alike are shifting their operations to the cloud and taking advantage of the software as a service (SaaS) module. In fact, some predict that in a few years, organizations will almost be operating purely on SaaS-based products.

Why? Here are 11 reasons

1. It cuts your upfront costs of implementing a stand-alone software system.
2. It costs less than your traditional legacy system.
3. It’s mobile-optimized and can be used on any device with internet.
4. It eliminates constant upgrading and maintenance of software.
5. It cuts your overall operational costs.
6. It keeps up with the innovative curve of software and best practices.
7. API’s can be connected to access data from external software systems.
8. Training and setup can be completed online.
9. Teams can collaborate from different locations.
10. You can have multiple locations report into one system.
11. It opens and at the same time secures the access to data.

Clinics and business have shifted to the cloud as they no longer depend on legacy systems. SaaS has numerous benefits but often comes down to financial savings, and a quick ROI. The main beneficiaries are the small and medium businesses which also had the best growth forecasts in 2018. (*Cisco Global Cloud Index)

Contact a Juvonno customer service representative today to learn more about the benefits of a cloud-based clinic management system.
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