Using Automated Patient Outreach to Improve Patient Communications

Using Automated Patient Outreach to Improve Patient Communications

JANUARY 31, 2020 | 2 MIN ReaD

Using Automated Patient Outreach to Improve Patient Communications

Automated patient outreach technologies don’t just make care access simpler for patients, but for providers, too.

High-touch patient communication is one of the key elements of meaningful patient engagement. As providers work to get their patients in the clinic door, automated patient outreach tools have been a boon.

Automated patient outreach tools simplify the process of contacting patients, scheduling appointments, and reminding patients of important information leading up to an appointment. Organizations can use automated patient outreach tools to contact patients who are due for a [visit and more].

Organizations state that these tools simplify their booking and call centers, noting that automated messages free up phone lines for calls that require a human touch.

But how do automated patient communication technologies work? And how have organizations implemented them? Below, explore the primary modes of automated patient outreach tools and how they impacted organizations . . . Read the full article here

Publication by: Sara Heath
Xtelligent Healthcare Media, August 6, 2018

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