Selecting Your Clinic Management Software: Keep The End In Mind

Selecting Your Clinic Management Software: Keep The End In Mind

November 26, 2018 | 4 Min Read

Selecting Your Clinic Management Software: Keep The End In Mind

Selecting Your CMS: Keep The End In Mind Stephen Covey Quote

[ “Your most important work is always ahead of you, never behind you.” – Dr. Stephen R. Covey ]

This quote is as true as it comes when considering your selection of Clinic Management and EMR Software. Being experts in IT service management and IT asset management, we have seen our share of failed management systems due to the fact of starting with only the ‘beginning in mind.’

The selection of great software can boost your clinics’ efficiency tenfold, and sometimes your first selection of software wasn’t the right choice. The software wasn’t cloud-based, it couldn’t handle multiple clinic locations, practitioners couldn’t work at multiple locations, or it just wasn’t right for your clinic.

So thinking about that, your next selection of clinic management software should ‘keep the end in mind.’ What this means is what would your clinic need if it were to switch systems or have an audit (random, comprehensive, or hybrid?) Well, you would probably need to be able to export the data out of your current system and move it into another. But a lot of clinics with various clinic management systems seem to be having a lot of trouble with exporting their data.

Exporting your data

The following are some questions you may need to ask yourself before you begin with a new clinic management software, or if you’re already in too deep, ask you current software provider.

1. The ability for users to export

Know how the clinic management systems you currently use exports data. Great software systems allow users to own their data. That means not only the clinic owns the data, but they are also able to export the reports and data they need at any time. If you need a background in computer science to find the exports and reports you need, then that specific clinic management software probably isn’t the best fit for your clinic.

The question to ask your current and future clinic management provider: “How do you export data from the software, and who has access to export that data?”

2. Readable exported files

If you were able to export your data files from your current clinic management system, would you be able to read the files? Files such as Database files (DBF) or encrypted files are not easily accessible, and can often leave users referencing back to the movie, The Matrix.

Be sure to ask your software provider, and potential upcoming providers, what format they export the data into. It’s best practice to use .csv or .xlsx format. These file types mean that the files are not only able to be easily read, but they can be formatted easily as well through Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. PDF files are another format that your clinic may come across. When exported these files are easy to read, but often cannot be manipulated or transformed.

The question to ask your current and future clinic management provider: “What format do all of your exports and reports save as?”

3. What data can be exported

Typing in patient information every day doesn’t mean that your clinic management software can easily export the data. Can you imagine if all of your clinic’s data over the past year, two years, or more is not accessible because there is no export or report for the data you need?

A general good rule is that the software vendor can export the following data:

• Patient
• Charting
• Appointments
• Billing/Insurance
• Payments
• Products
• Transactions

The question to ask your current and future clinic management provider: “What data can be exported and can I see samples?”

4. The cost to export data

Have you talked to your current clinic management software provider to see if there are additional charges if you were to ever transition away? Software vendors can often have hidden fees to export data. Our team has come across clinics that were quoted thousands of dollars to simply retrieve the data that they own. Clinics and business alike should be assured that they own the data and not the software vendor.

Juvonno doesn’t charge for any of the exports or reports that you are able to use. Additionally, reports can help export the data you need, when you need it.

The question to ask your current and future clinic provider: “Who owns the data entered in the software? How much does it cost to export all of the listed data? Are there extra charges for the amount of data exported? Can you quote me a price today to export all my data?”

Keep the end in mind

It’s critical for clinics to know about their data by starting with the end in mind. Simply asking the questions in this article can potentially save your practice thousands of dollars and a few headaches with the selection of your future clinic management software.

Contact a Juvonno customer service representative today to learn more about using Juvonno as your clinic management software.
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