Physiotherapy Long-Range Forecast

Physiotherapy Long-Range Forecast

December 3, 2018 | 1 Min Read

Physiotherapy Long-Range Forecast

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“For seniors, the process of ageing or even performing day-to-day activities in the home may lead to health conditions that could require physiotherapy services. And with the population ageing rapidly, the number of Canadians with these conditions is likely to become more pronounced.” – Thy Dinh, Director of Health Economics and Policy at the Conference Board of Canada.

Due to a growing demand for physiotherapy, the Conference Board of Canada is worrying. They found the number of Canadian seniors that will need physiotherapy will double to 1.5 million by 2035.

Meeting the demand for that amount will be challenging as they noted there is already a shortage of physiotherapists. In 2014 only 17.5 % of the population was over 65, with that to rise to 24% by 2035.

With the rise in population age, the number of ageing Canadians with arthritis, hip and knee replacements will also increase. With the need for independence, seniors may want to stay at home with the help of physiotherapy services, such as mobility and exercise, and fall prevention.

There are several ways to capitalize in the long-range forecast of physiotherapy, such as increasing the education of practitioners and using technology like a streamlined clinic management software and patient treatment software.

Knowing your current and future customer base can drastically help guide your clinic and the approaches it takes. Don’t get caught overloaded with tasks that have high urgency and high importance. Take time to plan for the future direction of your clinic today.

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