Opening a New Clinic? Consider These Things

Opening a New Clinic? Consider These Things

November 16, 2018 | 6 min read

Opening a New Clinic?
Consider These Things

Opening a new clinic location can be both an exciting and stressful feat. It’s one thing to get all the details and responsibilities organized, and another to carry them all out. But a simple way to keep track of everything going on is to create a checklist. That way you’ll always know where you’re at and where you’re headed. So take this list of considerations and whip up a checklist for yourself!

Be sure to consider:

1.  Resources
2.  Location
3.  New branch or separate business
4.  Staff
5.  Equip new location
6.  Promotion

1. Do you have the resources?

This seems like an obvious question, but it’s also a very important to think through thoroughly. Secure your cash flow and be sure that you can handle all the expenses that will be coming your way as you begin to set up for a new clinic location. You should also be prepared to handle any worst-case scenarios, like slow months while you’re still getting established.

But we don’t only mean monetary resources, but also time. Before you begin investing in a new clinic location, you should have the time to invest in it as well. Either be able to invest the time yourself, or someone that is capable of running the business the same way you do that could help you run the new location.

2. Selecting a location

When you’re opening a new location, one very important matter to think about is proximity and convenience to your clients. Look into your current patient demographics. Are many of your patients travelling from certain neighbouring communities to get to you? Could you open a new location closer to them, and still have enough business at your current location? Look into your patient persona. Will you be pursuing the same type of clientele at the new location, or a different type of clientele? Figure out where these potential patients live, and open up shop somewhere they will be able to reach you.

Also consider accessibility when selecting a new location. Will people be able to get there by bus or train? Is there ample amounts of parking nearby? Is the building itself easily accessible and equipped with ramps and/or lifts? Having an easy-to-reach location should be one of your priorities, because no one will visit your new location if they can’t reach it!

One last thing you should be aware of is your competitors. Competition isn’t always bad, but it’s certainly something you should be aware of. If you’re located close to a competitor it’s possible to benefit from their customer base, especially if they spend big on marketing. But beware if you can’t compete with price point or choice because that won’t end well for your organization.

3. Will it be a new branch or a separate business

You will also need to decide if you’ll be opening this new location as a branch of your current location, or as a completely separate business.

Opening a new branch is great when your clinic already has a fantastic brand awareness established. When opening up a new clinic under the same name,  you start out with your already-established brand awareness and continue building on that reputation.

A new branch also helps distribute expenses. Instead of spending money on new branding and creating a new website for your new location, you’re able to keep the same website and just add the new location information.

But there are also situations where you may want the new location set up as a new business. One of these occasions is when you’re purchasing or joining forces with another clinic. This other clinic may also have built up a great brand awareness and reputation, and rebranding may actually may actually do more harm than good.

4. Choosing staff members

Who will be working at your new clinic location? Will you be moving some of your current staff members or hiring new staff? If you decide to send a few current staff members to the new location, we suggest selecting one or two members that are very familiar with the way your current operation is run. You will likely only need a few staff members at the new location in the beginning until your client list begins to grow and there is need for more.

5. Equip the new location

Be sure that the new location is equipped with everything you need to effectively treat your patients. This includes everything from treatment tables to your EMR software should be in place before your opening date.

Juvonno is the perfect EMR and clinic location management software to choose for your organization as we are built for multi-location clinics. You will be able to share a database while maintaining separate schedules and client lists for each different location.

6. Promotion

How will you be announcing your new opening? Will you be informing your current clients at your current location, especially those that live closer to the new location? Will you be using social media? Or maybe you want to think of something creative and out-of-the-box to announce your new location!

If you decide to invest in something that requires a bit of thought and planning, make sure to hash out the details of a marketing campaign much before your opening date. Leave yourself enough time to gather and prepare everything you need beforehand.

As you can see, there are a lot of details and thought that have to go into opening a new clinic location. But this at least gives you a brief checklist of things you ought to be considering before jumping into the excitement (and stress).