Moves You Can Make to Protect Your Clinic During a Crisis

Moves You Can Make to Protect Your Clinic During a Crisis

August 6, 2020 | 3 MIN ReaD

Moves You Can Make to Protect Your Clinic During a Crisis

The world is still fully immersed in the COVID-19 pandemic. So, if you own or operate a clinic, you may still be feeling the effects of closures and restrictions. Not to mention that there’s really no telling what the future has in store in terms of this outbreak – or even future emergencies. If you want to be sure that your business can weather the current storm and be better prepared for the next, here are a few key steps you need to take to help your business survive and potentially grow during a wide-scale crisis.

Invest in the Right Tech and Software

Innovation is the key to success, especially when it comes to staying afloat during times of crisis. If you want to boost your business during the pandemic, as well as in the future, you should look for ways to enhance the technical aspects of your clinic. For example, with concerns about COVID-19 lingering on keypads and other surfaces, contactless payment options are growing in popularity. Small businesses need to be ready, and that could mean upgrading your checkout hardware and software. Juvonno has built-in integrations to both Stripe and Moneris for contactless payment collection. Setup is easy and provides patients with click and pay options through the patient portal or via email. If you need other software upgrades for your business, you may want to hire a freelance software developer to help you out. This professional can tap into Juvonno’s open API to push and/or pull key data points from your Juvonno account into other applications like your accounting software, and improve the flow of information between programs.

Pay Attention to Cybersecurity

Is data security a top focus for your small business? If not, you should take steps ASAP to remedy any lack of security around your online data. Even without a global crisis looming, upwards of 68 percent of small businesses experience at least one data breach and each breach can cost your small business $200,000 or more. So what does this have to do with the pandemic? Unfortunately, cybercriminals are taking advantage of the current crisis by targeting individuals and businesses that may be especially vulnerable right now. In fact, online attacks tend to increase whenever there is economic or social unrest. Of course, they can occur at other times too, so boosting your security should be part of your emergency preparedness plan. Make sure your clinic software provider adheres to PIPEDA legislation or HIPAA if your located in the US.

Create a More Engaging Website

Speaking of your online presence, if you have not done so already you simply must ensure that your business website is updated and user-friendly. With more people shopping and engaging with businesses online than ever before, the quality of your website is even more important now than it was before. There are several website design tools online that can help you revamp and refresh your site so that it will attract more patients. If you would prefer to save your time for other projects, you could also look for a freelance web designer while you search for a software developer. Either way, you should also make sure that your website is connected to your social media accounts; then you can connect with even more patients.

Shore Up Emergency Funds

This is the last item on this emergency preparedness list, but it should be the first on yours. That’s because boosting your emergency fund could be the difference between surviving during times of crisis or having to close up shop. Some small steps you can take, whether it’s now or when things settle back down again, include setting up automated savings deposits, looking for ways to trim monthly expenses, and putting at least 10 percent of your annual revenue into a savings account. The goal of these savings steps is to ensure that you have enough money in the bank to cover operating costs during unpredictable and uncertain times. You could also consider using a high yield savings account to grow your business’s emergency fund.

Hopefully, the coronavirus crisis will subside in the coming months and the economy will be able to bounce back. Until it does, focusing on improving the aspects of your business that are listed above can help you survive and minimize any damages. In any case, you will be much better prepared for any future emergencies or events that impact your clinic.

Written by: Guest Blogger, Katie Conroy,
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