Juvonno's Top 8 Unofficial Memes of 2020

Juvonno's Top 8 Unofficial Memes of 2020

December 22, 2020 | 2 MIN ReaD

Juvonno's Top 8 Unofficial Memes of 2020

When COVID-19 arrived on our doorsteps this year, everyone’s plans changed. Few, if any of us have been exempt from the life-altering effects of this virus. We know for some it has been an especially heavy burden that has affected their very livelihood.

On the other hand, for those fortunate enough to stay healthy and employed, the CoronaVirus Pandemic has been a lot like driving down a long bumpy road with too many pit stops and no snacks, while Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off” plays on repeat. We keep chugging along. Meanwhile the major milestones we had looked forward to in 2020 like graduations, retirements, anniversaries, and weddings have ended up materializing in ways we never would have imagined back in January 2020.

But, if quarantine has taught us anything, it’s to make the best out of a bad situation. We got inventive. We imagined new ways to celebrate life, like virtual happy hours, micro weddings, and drive-by brigades. Zoom calls have become the new norm and we’ve kept in touch with the people we care about. Paradoxically, the physical distance between us has brought us closer together. Because during this moment in history of strife and solitude, we’ve all had to endure similar hardships. We see them everyday at the grocery store or dropping our kids off at school. This Pandemic has been exhausting on many levels. But we’ve made it this far, albeit weary and quickly running out of Netflix options. Life, although different, has continued. And thankfully so have the jokes, which somehow remained funny in this crazy, extraordinary time. Through all of this, we’ve managed to keep a sense of humour.

This Christmas the Juvonno team scoured the internet to bring to you the 8 memes that encapsulate 2020 and the “quarantine routines” that have become all too familiar. Enjoy!

1. The online meeting

2. Clinic staff & frontline workers after a long shift

3. The WFH crew

4. The parents (bless their hearts)

5. All of us trying to keep a regular fitness routine

6. Pets (the real winners of COVID-19)

7. Boredom

8. The Lonely Office Crew

Happy Holidays from all of us at Juvonno!

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