Your Digital Lock & Key: Juvonno's Data Storage

Your Digital Lock & Key: Juvonno's Data Storage

October 26, 2018 | 4 Min Read

Your Digital Lock & Key: Juvonno's Data Storage

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Do you double check to see if your car doors are locked? You’re a security conscious person, and you want to know that your possessions are safe, including your clinic and patient data.

We’re right there with you! Our team is fanatical when it comes to securing data, and not just any data, but YOUR data. We’ve taken extra precautions when setting up secure data infrastructure to make security a priority.

Keeping data secure

We work with professional cloud computing companies that have data centre locations in Beauharnois, Quebec and Winnipeg, Manitoba. Together they have over 1,300,000 customers and 20 out of the 500 largest international companies.

Not only are there multiple server locations, but with a distance of over 200km between data centres ensures redundancy and continuity of service with a BDC (Business Continuity Planning) and DRP (Disaster Recovery Planning) set in place. Having the data centres located inside Canada ensures that data doesn’t pass to external countries, along with being hosted in areas that are not subject to the Patriot Act.

The data centres infrastructure runs off a systematic double power supply with 250 kVA per UPS device. To ensure continuous power supply, generators with an initial 48 hours of power supply and two network connections within the data centre provide network capacities of 10Gb+ and 40Gb+ connectivity.

Juvonno's Data Storage Power Usage Effectiveness Graph

Green-thumbed data

Even with all this infrastructure, the data centres have been committed to reducing the energy. They run off energy efficient power sources with a liquid server cooling system. Since 2010 they have been free from air conditioning with 30% air cooling and 70% water cooling.

Rather than traditional cooling inside of a data centre, fresh air passes in front of the servers, hot air created by the components is evacuated at the back of the servers, and the airflow is separated. All this has led to a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) in the range of 1 and 1.2.

Privacy as a priority

To fit compliance your data is secured with 256-bit encryption. This is one of the most secure encryptions and is used in encryption algorithms used in SSL certification. On paper 2^256 may seem like any ordinary number but it means that there are 115, 792, 089, 237, 316, 195, 423, 570, 985, 008, 687, 907, 853, 269, 984, 665, 640, 564, 039, 457, 584, 007, 913, 129, 639, 936 (that’s 78 digits!) possible combinations.

These data centres have been ISO 27001:2005 for operating and providing dedicated cloud computing infrastructures, as well as passing ISO 27002 and ISO 27005 security management, risk assessment norms, and associated processes. In Canada, the data centres have obtained SOC 1 and SOC 2 type II audits to prove how secure its private cloud solution is.

Did we just geek out? 🤓

Needless to say, there is a lot of security that goes into storing your data, not just security cameras, metal gates, and electronic fobs.

To sum up this high-tech security system, not only do we trust these data centres with Juvonno’s data, but we host all of our own data there too. If you don’t use Juvonno (yet), can your clinic management system offer this level of security?

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