How to Help Your Patients with Persistent Pain

How to Help Your Patients with Persistent Pain

February 7, 2020 | 2 Min Read

How to Help Your Patients with Persistent Pain

By Maggie Bergeron

Too often as clinicians we feel bad about our clinical skills when we “fail to help” those who seek our care in desperate need of pain relief. I certainly felt that if only I took more courses on manual therapy, biomechanics, soft tissue release or strengthening then I would be able to help them better.


The reason some of my patients were not responding to my treatments was because I was trying to “fix a structure”, when in fact they did NOT NEED ANYTHING FIXED! 🤔

Join Bahram Jam and Embodia for a complimentary webinar if you wish to have the ability to more effectively assist your patients in their recovery. The primary aim of this 60 minute webinar is to learn skills to identify patients who may be centrally sensitized.

Interested? Register Here.

On February 11 at 8pm EST, Bahram Jam will join us for a one hour, FREE discussion about current pain science.

You will learn:

✅ The 3 basic pain mechanism classifications

✅ How to more confidently identify those presenting with central sensitization using 12 simple questions

✅ Clinical options for assisting the recovery of those presenting with central sensitization 

WARNING: Space is limited to the first 500 clinicians who register. These LIVE trainings always fill up fast so claim your spot right now to avoid disappointment.

Click here to register

– Learn how to help your patients with persistent pain –

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