How To Find And Hire Your Next Practitioner

How To Find And Hire Your Next Practitioner

February 15, 2019 | 2 Min Read

How To Find Your Next Practitioner

Follow the rule of seven S’s when hiring.

Your team is growing and you need to find the right practitioner for your clinic. One that will not only fit into your clinic’s culture but will over time enhance your team’s overall performance. The best clinics are not created alone, although many do try. Every great and growing clinic has a team of great practitioners matched with great front end staff, and the drive to succeed.

What are the seven S’s?

So, how do you go about finding the right practitioner to join your team? Follow the list of seven S’s: Skilled, Stamina, Suited, Staying Power, Social, Society, and Salary.


Does the potential practitioner have the skills, experience, and education matched for the job? Not all practitioners need to be seasoned with 15 years experience but the knowledge that comes with a skilled practitioner can be invaluable to your patients.


Will the practitioner not only complete the tasks they are assigned on a daily basis, but also go above and beyond for the patients and the clinic? Having room for practitioner growth and the desire to learn more should be sought in potential practitioners.


Would the practitioner get along with the current team of practitioners, managers, and admin staff? Would they listen and contribute to the team? Being a team player, even looking for those who have a background in high-performance teams, can ensure that the practitioner is suited as the next hire for your team.

Staying Power

Is the practitioner willing to be with your clinic over the long term or could it potentially be a stopover? Having a detailed history of past jobs and time at each workplace can shine a light on how long a potential practitioner might be around.


Does the practitioner have values that align with the clinic and your staff? Are they a team player?


Would they fit in with the expectations, policies and procedures of the leaders and team that is currently in place?


Will the potential practitioner agree to the package offered? Will they feel that the salary is a direct translation to the combination of what they can contribute to your clinic and team?

When searching for your next practitioner, search for the truth in all seven categories. After doing this, you should see a clear picture of the potential practitioner you are looking for. We recommend talking to any former colleagues or teammates of the potential practitioner. Ask for the names of former bosses, peers, and juniors.

Good references will tell the truth! Be sure to call them and see if the practitioner fits the seven characteristics your clinic is looking for in a new practitioner.

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