How to Develop Communication, Empathy, and Soft Skills to Optimize Patient Outcomes

How to Develop Communication, Empathy, and Soft Skills to Optimize Patient Outcomes

October 17, 2019 | 2 Min Read

How to Develop Communication, Empathy, and Soft Skills to Optimize Patient Outcomes

By Maggie Bergeron

Are good technical skills enough to help patients get better?

Good communication is a proven asset for positive patient outcomes and experience. Physiotherapists are trained technically but with less focus on communication.

At various conferences and presentations, Dave Walton has asked the audience members to visualize the best clinician they know; it may be yourself or a role model, or what you would expect a good clinician to be. He then gave the members his cell phone number and asked that they send him a text with the qualities they believe make that person a good clinician. He’s been conducting this for over three years, and recently (in April 2019), him and his team sifted through approximately 1000 responses and categorized them into 21 different categories. Although not a scientific study, this thematic analysis below confirms that majority of responders value a range of skills – and only a few of which are focused on the technical skills of doing what I’d think of as good physiotherapy.

Have a look:

Growing evidence is supporting the value of the patient-provider connection in optimizing rehabilitation outcomes. Many clinicians spend considerable time and money in courses and workshops to develop their technical skills, but at best these may affect patient outcomes by 10–15%. Evidence suggests that up to 50% of clinical outcomes can be explained and predicted by the interpersonal skills of the provider.

The founders of the COMPASS Interactive Workshops will lead a one hour complimentary webinar to introduce the theory behind effective communication and empathetic skills. Dr. David Walton PT PhD, Jasdeep Dhir PT MCISc, and Jim Millard PT MCISc have earned recognition for their teaching and mentorship.

Join them and a group of like-minded peers on a journey of self-discovery and reflection as you refine critical skills to optimize clinical outcomes. Click here to register.

The details:

When: November 7th at 8:00pm EST
What: One hour complimentary webinar
Who: Jim Millard, Jas Dhir, and Dave Walton
Where: On Embodia – register here

Webinar Objectives:

• Learn about the CARE (Connect, Accept, Respond, Empower) Model to optimize your patient outcomes, satisfaction, and self confidence
• Discuss the current research that supports the development of healthcare professionals communication and empathetic skills

This webinar is intended for any healthcare professional who is interested in understanding the importance of communication and empathetic skills, and in becoming more aware of their own communication styles, practices, and biases.

– Learn how to optimize clinical outcomes through communication, empathy, and soft skills –

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