Get Smart, Get Data Driven in Your Clinic

Get Smart, Get Data Driven in Your Clinic

November 7, 2018 | 4 Min Read

Get Smart, Get Data Driven in Your Clinic

Sure, your clinic is running well, but there’s always room for improvement. Diving into analytical reports can give your practice the edge it needs to bypass the competition or help you become more streamlined. Data reporting is a vital part of any great clinic. Without looking at where you’ve been, how do you know where your clinic is going?

Get into the habit of pulling analytical reports at the same time every month, or at least quarterly. Book time to have meetings that follow after analyzing the data you’ve pulled with the parties needed such as your practitioners, administration staff, and operations manager.

By combining business intelligence with big data, you will better inform yourself and your team to make better decisions and help grow your business.

Five ways to leverage your reports

1. How many appointments are my practitioners completing and what's their total dollar value of completed appointments?

It just makes cents (😜) to look at the Appointment Statistics Report. Use this report to carefully analyze which practitioners are completing the most appointments.

Now that you have the number of appointments that each practitioner has completed, you can run this against the dollar value of their completed appointments, giving you the average dollar value per appointment.

Leverage Your Clinic Reports Appointment Statistics Report Formula

You can also use these metrics to analyze which practitioners have completed the most appointments and billed the most.

2. Which practitioner had the most appointments and the most missed/cancelled appointments?

Leverage Your Clinic Reports Clinic Statistics Report Formula
Missed and cancelled appointments can cost your clinic thousands of dollars. This can lead to longer waiting times for patients that have appointments booked after the missed appointment. Use the Clinic Statistics Report to help your team become aware of the time missed and cancelled appointments per week.
Leverage Your Clinic Reports Clinic Statistics Report Example

To mitigate missed and cancelled appointments, take these steps:

•  Confirm that patients will be attending their appointment. Personally calling or using an automated call, text, or email service inside of Juvonno can drastically help.
•  Maintain a waiting list of customers. Calling back customers that would like to fill cancelled appointments not only helps your clinic recover a loss of revenue, but also provides services for your patients in a timely manner.
•  Create a clear missed appointment & late cancellation policy. Having patients fill out a missed/late policy form will help them think twice about running late to an appointment or cancelling without proper notice.

3. Which practitioners are following clinic policies and finishing charting?

It’s rare, if ever, to find a practitioner not filling out and finishing a chart for every patient appointment. Use the Chart Statistics Report to know if there are practitioners in your clinic who may not be completing their tasks.
Leverage Your Clinic Reports Chart Statistics Report Example

If you are finding that select practitioners are not completing charts for appointments, it’s time to figure out way. Ask the practitioner(s) why they were unable to complete the chart. If they are unable to complete charts often due to having an appointment booked right after, adjust the “Scheduling Interval” in the employees’ profile.

Use your charting dashboard to make sure your practitioners can clearly see a list of their appointment charts that have not been completed. Having an easy-to-read list allows practitioners to view the outstanding charts they have yet to complete and lock.

Leverage Your Clinic Reports Juvonno Charting Dashboard

If the practitioner is simply not locking their chart, let them know it is best practice to lock the chart. You can also look into potentially booking them in on a Juvonno webinar or direct one-to-one training with a customer service representative.

4. Get to know your patients.

We know it would be ideal to have your clinic filled with appointments 100% of the time, but that is not always the case. By using the Patient Demographics Report, you can see the age, gender, locality, and payor demographics of all your patients. Knowing the demographics of your patients can lead to proactive marketing efforts towards attracting the attention of individuals like your current share of patients.

By understanding your ideal customer and knowing the characteristics and traits of your current customer base, you can look forward and learn your clienteles’ tastes and preferences, groups they associate with, events they attend, and more. By leveraging this knowledge you can look at adjusting your marketing efforts and budget towards potential patients that have similar demographics as your current patient base.

You can also identify new opportunities by knowing who your current clientele is made up of and marketing towards the patients that have a lower share of your overall patient demographics. Tapping into new markets can open your organization up to new patients, partnerships, and opportunities.

5. Payments pending and receivables.

It’s important to know if there is a pattern behind why some of your payments are consistently pending or in receivables. Is it because the insurance provider does not have the correct information from your clinic? Reaching out to some of the insurance providers that consistently have delayed patient payments might help answer that question.

Use the Receivables Report and the Pending Payments Report to look further into the dollar-based data. Seeing which patients and insurance providers have to pay out multiple payments can save your admin staff time from making multiple phone calls. Analyze your data and create a team plan to best collect the outstanding payments.

Using direct billing services such as TELUS Health eClaims, Manitoba Health, MPI, OHIP, HCAI, ICBC, Alberta Health, and more means that appointments are paid out in a timely manner. Be sure that your clinic knows how to properly and efficiently use these billing processes inside of Juvonno.

Juvonno’s wide range of reports can help you analyze your clinic’s health. For best practice, we suggest pulling your reports on a scheduled basis and setting benchmarks for your goals. From there, set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound) goals that your staff can act on.

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