6 Ways Targeted Text Messaging Can Be a Game-Changer for Your Clinic

6 Ways Targeted Text Messaging Can Be a Game-Changer for Your Clinic

November 30, 2020 | 5 MIN ReaD

6 Ways Targeted Text Messaging Can Be a Game-Changer for Your Clinic

Targeted text messaging can build a better connection between your clinic and its patients. With the use of automation, you can build sequences of integrated messages that can be delivered to the right people at exactly the right time. The use of this technology like JuvonnoComm can redefine the landscape for your clinic and change the game. Even better it can all be done from right inside your EMR.

Have you integrated automation and text messaging into your clinic’s operations? It’s time to take full advantage of technology and reap the rewards. Here are six ways that targeted text messaging can work for your clinic.

1. Save time and cut costs

Your skilled workforce may be using a lot of their time on repetitive administrative tasks. These chores can take up many hours of employee time which they could be using on more complex jobs. These necessary but tedious tasks end up costing your practice a fair bit of money.

Automation of repetitive tasks can save time and cut costs. Your clinic can streamline simple jobs such as reminding patients of upcoming appointments by utilizing automated text messaging. How many hours could your employees free up if your clinic had a tool that could handle just this one task for them? Now consider all the other cyclical jobs that could easily be handled by automation.

2. Improve appointment adherence with texting

In 2019, Juvonno sent almost half a million appointment reminders via text. That number has doubled, reaching almost 1 million text message reminders in 2020. If your employees are still spending countless hours calling or manually emailing patients just to remind them of upcoming appointments, a fair number of calls and emails may never hit the mark.

Phones are not answered, voicemails are not checked in time, emails wind up in a spam folder and some of those reminders are never issued at all. This archaic system is not only expensive, it isn’t especially effective. That’s the problem JuvonnoComm is aiming to solve.

Automated text messaging saves employees time and the clinic money while effectively removing the human error element. Text messages are more effective too. People may check their voicemail or email eventually but text messages tend to get looked at and dealt with right away.

Improved patient appointment adherence will allow your clinic to make better use of time. Significantly reduce lost revenue due to forgotten appointments. Knowing when an appointment can’t be met ahead of time also leads to better rebooking rates and more opportunities for your patients to book short notice appointments that fill your calendar.

3. Improve treatment compliance

Your clinic books the appointment, follows up with the reminder, and gets that patient in. Patients get the attention they deserve and a list of actionable items to improve their health. Then they are sent on their way and left to their own devices. Studies show that 20 to 30 percent of prescriptions for chronic conditions are never filled. They may walk away with good intentions but how often do patients simply fall back into previous patterns and end up with lackluster results?

What if your patients could receive custom text messages right when they need that reminder to take care of their health? Your clinic could be actively engaging with patients by using automated message to remind patients about medication they need to pick up, physiotherapy sessions they should be attending, and specialist appointments they need to book. You could be encouraging their exercises, follow a diet plan, and stick with their preventative care routine.

Your patients’ custom care could include a reminder to book a follow up appointment and refill prescriptions. Encourage open dialogue by getting patients thinking about questions and ideas they may want to discuss at their next appointment. Set them up for regular monitoring without adding any workload to your staff.

4. Increase patient health knowledge

The widespread use of smartphones has revolutionized the way we live while opening doors to possibilities and giving us access to resources. Your clinic could be utilizing this opportunity to foster greater patient involvement in their own health while building better engagement with you. You could be building a relationship of true partners in health. 

Unlike more traditional correspondence of voice calls and printed paper, digital text messages allow for more varied and interactive communication. Patients can receive messages with links that point them to articles and videos which support their care. The use of multimedia can inform and educate in an engaging and interactive way.

Help patients manage their health by giving them access to the information they most need. Education and support through the use of multimedia is meaningful and promotes patient wellbeing. Position your clinic as a health partner by connecting with patients through automated multimedia text messaging to support their physical and mental health along their journey.

5. Never miss an opportunity for feedback

Is your clinic taking advantage of every opportunity to learn from your patients? Between human error and the tremendous cost in man hours, it’s impossible for your employees to do it all. How many opportunities are you missing out on?

Imagine automated appointment follow up messages which solicit feedback and encourage patients to leave positive reviews. What about customizable texts that automatically remind patients of actionable items they need to take care of? Even reminders to book the next appointment can be handled with the use of a well timed text message.

Automated patient engagement means the right message delivered on time, every time. Stop missing out on opportunities to increase patient satisfaction and ultimately better your clinic’s reputation. Engage with your patients in a meaningful way without breaking the bank. In what ways would you like your clinic to keep the conversation going with your patients.

6. Connect with patients to build relationships

Meaningful communication that is well timed and relevant can help patients develop a meaningful relationship with your clinic. Show patients that your clinic is invested in their health and overall wellbeing. Build a relationship of trust and respect.

Demonstrate to patients that their time is valued with that text reminding them of their upcoming appointment received at just the right moment. Show them that their opinions matter with the follow up message asking them how they enjoyed their visit. Make patients feel supported with regular texts reminding them of how to implement their treatment plan and further multimedia messages educating them on the health topics that are relevant to them.

With the use of text messaging your clinic can utilize automation to improve scheduling while saving time and money. Connect with patients regularly and build relationships without overtaxing resources. Support patient health by helping people stick to their treatment plans and connect them to information and resources that will help them better understand their health.

Is your clinic using targeted text messaging? In what ways would you use automation to help your clinic reach its goals?

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