5 Juvonno Tools to Boost Your Team's Productivity

5 Juvonno Tools to Boost Your Team's Productivity

November 27, 2019 | 3 MIN ReaD

5 Juvonno Tools to Boost Your Team's Productivity

Attention! This blog post could save yourself or your team loads of precious time. Below we’ve listed our favourite (less conspicuous) tools in Juvonno that perhaps you didn’t know exist.

Work smarter not harder, comrades! These slick features are all free to enjoy and could save you and your team members upwards of 10 minutes a day. Even at 5 minutes a day, that’s 21 hours per year of your time recovered to do something more important to you!

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1. Instant Messaging

Scenario: A patient arrives at the clinic. You need to quickly relay a message to a colleague in another room or another location. Use the internal live chat feature and save time scrambling through the clinic!

Simply click on the chat icon in the top navigation menu, and a list of all your colleagues that are online will appear. Select the employee you wish to chat with and send them a message.

2. Assign Rooms and Other Resources

Scenario: You want to assign a room or a piece of equipment to an appointment or practitioner. Use Juvonno’s resource scheduler. It makes managing logistics simple. Resources like rooms, modalities, and other reservable items can be assigned to appointments or practitioners and made visible right on the schedule – no need to look inside the appointment details and no need to worry about double booking! If a resource has already been reserved you’ll be alerted immediately.

3. Create Task Templates

Scenario: A patient is finished their initial treatment and your clinic requires important information to be collected from the patient for the subsequent treatment plan. Create a task template! This standardizes the format of follow-up tasks to ensure staff are entering the required information every time.

To create a follow-up template, navigate to System Settings > Task Template.

Name the template (eg. ‘Motor Vehicle Accident’ Therapy) and list the information that needs to be entered in the follow-up, such as:

• Insurance Company
• Policy Number
• Claim Number
• Date of Accident

Once your template is created, it can be selected from the Follow-Ups tab on the Home dashboard:

4. Patient Insights

Scenario: You want to follow up with a specific subset of patients. You think to yourself, I wish I could ask Juvonno to filter patient data so I could build my own reports. For example, “Juvonno, show me patients that haven’t been in for an appointment in over 60 days”. Or, “Juvonno, show me a list of patients that came in for massage services this past year”. Consider your wish granted! Simply navigate to Patient Insights, where you can choose from an array of filters to gather actionable information about your patients for growth, patient retention, and analytics purposes.


Improve your rebooking rate by running the report below to follow up with patients that haven’t been to your clinic within 90 days.

Last Appointment = Over 90 Days Ago

5. Charting Codes, AKA Custom Chart Notes

Scenario: You’re charting on a patient who has been diagnosed with a common injury. Every time a patient is diagnosed with this type of injury you must key in the same paragraph of text summarizing your prescribed treatment plan. The whole process takes a tedious 1-2 minutes to jog your memory, type in the words, and edit typos. There’s a much better way to do this! Use chart codes to create custom chart note templates in Juvonno and turn this process into just one click. Once you’ve set up your chart codes, they’ll be available from any chart window.

Overall, empowering your teams to be more productive means making small and continual enhancements to your processes over time. We hope the tools in this article gave you some useful ideas you can put into action and help build a happier and more collaborative and productive workplace.

Written by Patty Romeo, VP Marketing | Juvonno
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