4 Ways to Celebrate National Small Business Week

4 Ways to Celebrate National Small Business Week

October 15, 2018 | 10 min read

4 Ways to Celebrate
National Small Business Week

Have you celebrated National Small Business Week in the past? The answer more often than not is probably “No”. Well then you might be missing out on a tradition that has spanned near 40 years. It’s a celebration of small businesses that make significant contributions to their local communities, as well as the national economy.

Celebrate your local community!

If you’re a small business owner, work for a small business, or love to support them, then here are a few ways you can partake in Canada’s Small Business Week (October 14–20, 2018).

Spread the word

Use your personal connection to customers and vendors to announce Small Business Week. By running a promotional sale or by having coupons attached to your email list, you’re sure to thank all the individuals that have supported you and continue to support you.

Add your organization’s social handles to your email as well, and post to your social accounts. Social media is a great way to spread your content, and expand your reach. By using [personalized] hashtags on your posts, and encouraging all your followers across different platforms to use the same tag, you can create a community of content.

Share your company story

Why did you start your business in the first place? More than likely the same reason you jump up to go to work every day. Starting a business takes a lot of work and sharing your company’s unique story can help you connect to your customers, and help you stand out. Show the highs and lows that got you to where you are today (possibly even share it across your social channels!)

Partner with other small businesses & associations

Do you share customers with other small businesses – Yes you do! Why not market to a larger customer base? Maybe you share a parking lot, building, or nearby space with another business. Partner with a local coffee shop or hair salon to provide discounted rates for a limited time when customers use both of your services. Or create discounts for members of a local association (hockey, football, etc.) or union (firefighters police, tradespeople, or government employees). With such a large customer base and recognized membership ID, it’s easy to connect with these potential customers.

Educate your employees

Use small business week to leverage the great employees that run your business every day! Let them know how thankful you are for their efforts. This “thank you” could be in the form of giving your staff some additional knowledge and education, whether it’s an outing, educational seminar, or even some of your super users teaching the rest of your staff about using the instant messaging feature or follow up templates.

At the end of the week, don’t forget that you are part of a thriving network of local businesses! These four small ideas can help you get started with planning your Small Business Week.

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