4 Features Your Team Should Be Using

4 Features Your Team Should Be Using

September 12, 2018 | 10 min read

4 Awesome Features Your Team Should Be Using

Instant Messaging, Resources Booked, Follow-Ups, and Patient Appointment Reminders.

Instant Messaging

1. Instant Messaging

Ever have a patient arrive and quickly need to relay a message to a practitioner? Use the internal live chat feature and save time scrambling through the clinic.

Simply click on the chat icon in the top navigation menu, and a list of all employees online will appear. Select the employee you wish to chat with and send them a message.

To enable this feature, simply turn it on in your system under General > Systems Module > Instant Messaging.

Booked Resources

2. See Resources Booked on the Schedule

Want to see which resources are booked up while on the phone with a patient looking for an appointment? Or maybe you want to know which room to bring the arrived patient?

This one is for all you administration staff that are busy making sure that all the practitioners are being utilized throughout the day. Resources can be made visible right on the schedule, no need to look inside the appointment details.

Booked Resources

First, be sure that you have created resources for your clinic, such as Room 1, Room 2, or Massage Room A, Physio Room B.

Booked Resources

To view resources right on the schedule, simply navigate to General > System Scheduling > Enable Resource Scheduling, and there you go! Your administration staff will love you, and your clinic room appointments will be organized. But if you’re more of a resource and room based clinic when it comes to scheduling, check out the resource schedule dashboard in your employee profile.

Follow-up Templates

3. Follow Up Templates

Here’s a common scenario: A patient is finished their initial treatment and needs to book follow-up appointments that require follow-up charting. Why not standardize the format of follow-up tasks to ensure practitioners are entering the required information every time?

Follow-up Templates

To create a follow-up template, navigate to System Settings > Task Template.

Name the template (in this case ‘Motor Vehicle Accident’ Therapy) and list the tasks needed to be accomplished in the follow-up, such as:

  • Insurance Company
  • Policy Number
  • Claim Number
  • Date of Accident

Now that your template is set, use it on the home dashboard by adding a Task Template on the Follow-Ups Dashboard.

In the new follow-up, select one of the templates you have created, such as ‘MVA Physical Therapy’ that we created in this example. Once selected, the memo will populate the templated tasks. Add any additional memo notes that the employee following up with the patient may need to know.

Follow-up Templates

Now the administrator or practitioner who is tasked with following up with the patient is able to see their follow-ups under their main Follow-Up Dashboard or directly when using a My Schedule & Task Dashboard.

Your administration staff and practitioners can now easily complete the standardized tasks when following up with patients.

4. Customize Appointment Reminders

Do your administration staff waste countless hours reminding patients about upcoming appointments? N-shows can cost your clinic countless dollars at the end of the year, and waste your practitioner’s time when they could be assessing and treating clients.

To remind patients of their appointments, use the patient email reminders and reduce no-shows.

First, make sure that you have set up an Email Reminder for Appointments in your System Settings. Set up the reminder message, and the time you would like the email to be sent to your patients.

Appointment Reminders
Appointment Reminders

If you would like to send out all appointment reminder emails at the same time, set a default reminder under General System Settings in Scheduling.

Appointment Reminders

If you would like to remind individual patients on a different schedule than the default patient reminder, simply change their default reminder in their patient profile. But be sure that all patients have valid email addresses!

Want to give the patients the ability to check when their upcoming appointments are? Use the Juvonno Clinic Portal. Then your patients can see your clinic’s portal reminders to check up on their appointments when they want to.