13 Physio Podcasts to Start Your Day

13 Physio Podcasts to Start Your Day

November 5, 2018 | 3 Min Read

13 Physiotherapy Podcasts
to Start Your Day

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Podcasts are a great way for you to pick up some new knowledge and inspiration during your spare time. This extra time may be during your morning commute, on your lunch break, or even while you’re in the kitchen cooking. Learning new innovative approaches that other clinics and industry experts are using may just give you a leading edge. Nonetheless, you might actually look forward to your long commute!

Podcasts you should be listening to:

Take the time to look through, listen to, and enjoy this list of suggestions that fall into the following categories: The Clinic & Business, Research Updates, Laughter & Insights, and Sports Physiotherapy.

The Clinic & Business

The P.T. Entrepreneur – Hosted by Dr. Danny Matta, the P.T. Entrepreneur focuses on helping other physios and small business owners realize their entrepreneurial selves and act on it. If you’re a physiotherapist or a business owner, this podcast has great insight for you.
James Rants for PT/OT Business Owners – Yes, viewer discretion is advised as you learn the hard truth on what it takes to crush clinic-based business for physio and occupational therapists. As James Ko says, “It’s not for the faint of heart [but neither is business.]”

Start a Therapy Practice – Scott Harmon talks about his early days and how he was able to build in the practices of physio, occupational, and speech therapy throughout rural communities. On top of that Scott offers ebooks and free resources.

The 30 in 30 Physical Therapy Marketing – Dr. Joe Simon has worked over 20 years to set up his ‘Nine-Step Blueprint’ to grow multiple private practices. Take a listen to this podcast and channel your inner marketing guru and implement 30 marketing strategies over the next 30 days.

Health, Wealthy, and Smart – Listen to Dr. Karen Litzy who features experts in physiotherapy, wellness, and entrepreneurship. This podcast will not only give you great information but also the inspiration to take your career up a notch. With over 380 podcasts, you can be sure that there is a topic that will spark your interest! Don’t forget to check Dr. Litzy out at the Women in PT Summit (which she helped establish.)

Grow My Clinic – A podcast hosted by the Clinic Mastery team that will help you deliver amazing patient experiences to grow your clinic. Build a practice that creates outcomes for your patients and helps enhance your skills and gives you freedom as a business owner.

Research Updates

PT Inquest – This podcast discusses the current research and use of science and evidence in the practice of physiotherapy and explores the strengths, weaknesses, and clinical applications. Hosted by Erik Meira and J.W. Matheson, the PT Inquest feels like a journal club making the listeners think critically about their own practice.

Physical Therapy Journal – The PTJ podcast is hosted by Alan Jette who delves into the facts and stories behind physiotherapy research, including topics on clinical application, study design, and future directions.

Physiotherapy Laughter & Insight

PT Pintcast – Yes, a physiotherapy podcast recorded over a beer (because as they say, the best conversations happen over happy hour!) Real, candid, and intelligent, the PT Pintcast talks to some of the leading minds in physio across North America. Dive into topics such as technology, success stories, women’s health, marketing tactics, and much more.

Untold Physio Stories – From the co-founders of Updoc Media, this podcast shares the candid success and failures of physiotherapy practices. Be sure to tune in as this podcast sheds light on incredible stories with interesting lessons that you may never have come across.

Sports Physiotherapy

The Ask Mike Reinold Podcast – Mike Reinold has been an influencer in the field of sports physical therapy and fitness. His weekly podcast touches on issues in physio, fitness, strength and conditioning, sports performance, business, and more. As always Mike brings a unique perspective so be sure to tune in!
The Sports Physiotherapist – With information on sports physiotherapy and sports medicine, this podcast grabs a hold of topics, tips, assessments, diagnosis, and treatments.
BodyWorx Physical Therapy Podcast – This podcast provides listeners with insights into patient treatments such as back pain, knee injuries, concussions, and more.
Did we miss one of your favourite Physiotherapy Podcasts? Be sure to tell us about some of your favourite Physiotherapy podcast suggestions!
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