10 Tips to Host More Effective Clinic Meetings

10 Tips to Host More Effective Clinic Meetings

November 15, 2018 | 3 Min Read

10 Tips to Host More Effective Clinic Meetings

What is a clinic meeting? A clinic meeting brings all of the clinic’s staff together such as practitioners, medical assistants, administration, receptionists, and operations staff to analyze how the clinic can improve as a whole.

Meetings are effective when each team member shares their ideas that would reduce problematic areas and improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the clinic from patient intake to patient care, treatment, and beyond.

Here are 10 ways to host more effective meetings for your clinic:

1. Determine if you need a meeting

The first step in creating better meetings is stepping back and deciding if the meeting with clinic staff is necessary. Formal meetings may be the way your team discusses a topic or shares information, but those can often be accomplished by sending out a weekly staff email or team memos, freeing up time for practitioners and staff.

2. Only invite the people needed

Have you ever attended a meeting where you didn’t need to supply any input to the outcome of decisions held in the meeting? Meetings should only involve the people that need to be present to answer questions. A department head is sufficient when directing questions and there is often no need for all the staff in a department to attend an operations meeting. The same also applies when a meeting is only directed at a group of practitioners such as physiotherapists, massage therapists, or chiropractors.

3. Schedule and remind

Practitioners’ schedules can routinely be filled with back-to-back appointments. Be sure to book time on each member’s calendar along with setting up reminders the day before meeting. Using features on Google Calendar such as the “attending” button, will confirm if those employees will be able to attend.

If schedule changes are needed be sure to update all members when changing the meeting time.

4. Agree on an agenda

Plan on what will be covered in the meeting. Developing a proper meeting agenda and distributing it to all meeting attendees beforehand will save topic confusion and allow attendants time to prepare for their allotted time. Be sure to include the topic of the meeting, attendants, location, date, topics, and actional outcomes.

5. Keep it simple

30 minutes to 45 minutes is an ideal length for a meeting. Booking off an hour for each meeting doesn’t mean that an hour is needed and often leads to wasted time. Stick to the agenda and stick to the allotted times of each topic.

6. Select topics

Selecting topics prior to hosting a meeting keeps team members from wandering off into other tangents. Questions that don’t relate to the topic should be answered at another time.

7. Record actionable steps, owners, and due dates

Be sure to assign a note taker in each meeting. Having a summary of the meeting can then lead to the actionable steps needed to be taken by those that may be affected. Those actionable steps should include the owners that are directly responsible for them and a due date for each action.

8. Use technology

Use graphics and audio to enhance your meeting where needed. The use of a room with the support of projectors, a television, or a smart board is recommended.

9. Summarize

At the end of the meeting, have your note taker create and send out a brief summary of what was discussed. Agree upon and create actionable steps thereafter. Lastly, be sure to distribute the summary of the meeting to all parties that need to be informed with the attached actionable steps and due dates.

10. Celebrate team and individual news

Be sure to include positive news about your clinic. From recent successes of the clinic to the graduation of practitioners, and even small wins that team members have had over the past month. A shoutout of these successes can have a lasting impact and insights into your colleagues’ lives. Ending meetings on a high note always helps!

By incorporating these 10 ways into how your plan and conduct your clinics’ meetings, you’re sure to create more effective meetings, saving time, and creating progress within your organization.

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